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We are friendly to children

Top 5 Reasons Kids Love Holiday Inn Hotels

1.We can have all the fun we want!
Unlike some hotels, Holiday Inn welcomes kids. It’s kind like home, but a lot better

2.We get our own special menu
We get to eat the food we like and order from our own special menu

3.We can stay for free*
Sleeping in our parents’ room means lots of time together

4.Our meals are free*
Parents don’t get a bill for our food, which always make them happy

5.We are VIP’s
When we’re at Holiday Inn, everyone is treated like a VIP, even the kids!


We have prepared seasonal special offers for small VIP guests*:
– playground or play corner
– children’s theatres
* Offers available depending on the seasonality.

For more information:
phone: + 48 58 733 40 33


The City of Gdańsk and the Holiday Inn Gdańsk – City Centre welcome children!

Are you looking for attractions and activities for children, below are some ideas that will make the stay in Gdańsk more attractive for children.

Check our special offers for holiday with family

  • Holiday Boat
    • 10 minutes on foot from the Hotel, at the marina at Targ Węglowy, the Holiday Boat is moored.
      Take a cruise on the Motława River, take a trip to Gdańsk Bay or go sightseeing Westerplatte.

      Distance: 500 m

      Age: without limits

  • Indoor playground in the Shopping Mall
    • In the Forum Shopping Center, there is an all-year-round Santa Claus factory. It is an indoor playground with a festive atmosphere all year round.

      Distance: 1 km

      Age: 0 – 14 years old

  • Hevelianum Center
    • Hevelianum combines the idea of an interdisciplinary place for education and history, culture and recreation.

      In the restored facilities of the post-fortress scientific explorations “Time Machine” and historical “Time Machine” and “Time Machine – with History”, mathematical information “Puzzle” and geographical information “Around” are visited. The Imagination Workshop is a space, at your age there are workshops for children aged 3 to 9. Hevelianum exhibitions organized temporary, unconventional educational activities and popular science events for organized groups and individuals. In the restored building of the Artillery Coach House, open to guests in 2018, there is a restaurant and a Conference Center.

      Distance: 1.5 km

      Age: 3-9 years old

  • Museum of the II World War
    • A modern museum showing the causes and effects of World War II. You will spend a minimum of 6 hours here visiting the permanent and thematic exhibitions.

      At the main exhibition of the Museum, a special space has been prepared for children under 12 years of age. Fri “Time travel. The Story of a Family 1939-1945 ”. It is a reconstruction of a Warsaw family’s apartment in three different periods: September 3, 1939 – a few days after the outbreak of World War II, March 8, 1943 – during the German occupation, and May 8, 1945 – just after its end.

      Distance: 2.5 km

      Age: without limits

  • European Solidarity Center
    • A contemporary museum showing the fight against communism in Poland, the rise of Solidarity and its impact on other European countries.
      The exhibition will take a minimum of 6 hours.
      The Play Department invites the youngest to discover the world by participating in the Stocznia Malucha project.
      The program includes, among others: discovering the shipyard together, learning about the magical world of books and searching for sea animals in the underwater world.

      Distance: 2.5 km

      Age: 3-11 years (Toddler’s exhibition)

  • Miniatura Theater
    • Tetar Miniatura has a wide range of performances for children aged 0-3 years, where specially prepared performances are presented in a dedicated Hall for Babies.
      For older children, there are musical performances that introduce them to the world of theater and culture.

      Distance: 10 km

      Age: 0-3 years old, 4-10 years old


  • Gdańsk Zoological Garden
    • It is a special place, as animals from all continents live here on an area of ​​approximately 125 hectares. The zoo is a member of the European EAZA Association, thanks to which it can participate in several European Breeding Programs for endangered species.

      Distance: 20 km

      Age: without limits

  • National Maritime Museum
    • The Maritime Culture Center is one of the most modern museums in Poland – it is the only institution in the country to provide comprehensive and interactive knowledge of maritime topics, using multimedia techniques.

      The main attraction of OKM is the interactive “People-Ships-Ports” room. What stands out here is the huge swimming pool with remotely controlled models of ships and yachts. Guests of the Center can organize a regatta there and check how best to adjust the sail to the wind or try to maneuver gently on the water with the use of tugs. At the Center, children will dress up as sailors, learn the secrets of the port’s life, and finally trigger a tsunami wave themselves.

      Distance: 250 m

      Age: without limits

  • Energa Gdańsk Stadium and Fun Arena
    • A visit to the amber stadium is a dream not only for children but also for parents. The prepared offer to visit the stadium allows you to see places that you had no idea about. A special program for children will make their dreams come true for the youngest – they will have the opportunity to warm up in the training room, give a match interview in the conference room, and score a goal, which is used by Lechia Gdańsk football players on a daily basis for training purposes. The stadium is not only a ball, it is also great fun in the Fun Arena zone, “smaller and larger” children await – a zip-line with a ride across the stadium turf, go-karts, skate park, electronic paintball, trampoline park or “escape rooms”

      Distance: 20 km

      Age: without limits

  • Viewing wheel
    • The great ferris wheel is immediately associated with a popular attraction in London (London Eye). Gdańsk owns Amber Sky. One ride takes about 15 minutes, so you can easily enjoy the views of the Royal Route, the entire Main City in Gdańsk, the amber stadium, and even Hel in good weather.

      Distance: 10 min

      Age: without limits

  • Family museum workshops
    • The number of museums in Gdańsk will satisfy lovers of history and culture, but there are also interesting family workshops, thanks to which you will bring your children closer to art through play. The Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk invites you to “SOWOTA”, or interactive classes for families, during which you will learn about the extraordinary history of Gdańsk in an interesting way. Children can play with their peers, and listen to legends and stories related to the city and the sea. An interesting proposal was also prepared by the National Museum in Gdańsk. “Museum Tricks” or Saturday family workshops, during which you will find out why an ostrich keeps a key in its beak? Why the Gdańsk wardrobe with five legs? Finally, you will create your own creations together!

      Distance: 20 min

      Age: without limits

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