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We are friendly to children

Top 5 Reasons Kids Love Holiday Inn Hotels

1.We can have all the fun we want!
Unlike some hotels, Holiday Inn welcomes kids. It’s kind like home, but a lot better

2.We get our own special menu
We get to eat the food we like and order from our own special menu

3.We can stay for free*
Sleeping in our parents’ room means lots of time together

4.Our meals are free*
Parents don’t get a bill for our food, which always make them happy

5.We are VIK’s
When we’re at Holiday Inn, everyone is treated like a VIK, even the kids!


  • Copernicus Science Center
    • One of the most popular attractions for children in Warsaw is the Copernicus Science Center. Its offer has been prepared in such a way that every visitor will have fun, regardless of age.

      For children aged 3 to 5, the Bzzz! Gallery has been prepared! The youngest can look for their creativity here and get some exercise. The film “Under one sky” is shown in the Sky Planetarium. Before the screening, screenings “Hare Franek and a stellar adventure” are organized, during which the animators focus the attention and arouse the curiosity of the kids.

      The Robotics Theater – an offer addressed to older children. In this unique combination of modern technologies and art, robots appear instead of actors. An interesting proposition is also the High Voltage Theater, which is a safe way to learn about electrical phenomena. One of the favorite places of children is Majsternia – a place where the youngest and their guardians jointly undertake engineering, scientific and logical challenges.

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  • Museum for Children
    • The Museum for Children was established as part of the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw in 2003. It is the first ethnographic museum in Poland fully dedicated to the youngest visitors. It is a place where you can touch everything and check it for yourself. Children are treated here on an equal footing with adults. The mission of the Museum is to stimulate the imagination of children, as well as encourage them to ask questions and seek answers to them.

      In specially prepared rooms, children learn about cultures from the farthest corners of the world. They also learn what a museum is and how it works.

      The Museum for Children also organizes weekend series of family workshops, concerts, performances and engages in campaigns promoting reading among the youngest.

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  • Jungle Academy
    • is an art and entertainment center arranged in the atmosphere of the jungle. The land of wild animals and untamed fantasies in the area of ​​a thousand square meters is a place where both children and adults will move to the magical tropical forest and release their emotions.

      Jungle. Four levels, 400m2 at the base of a specially reinforced play structure and incl. ten slides, including: tubes, ultra-fast tiger slide, family waterfall slide and rides for smaller children, playground in the air, drawbridges, monkey grove with a climbing wall, spider tower, elements for building your own wild structures, carousel, flying swings.

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  • Warsaw ZOO
    • A visit to the capital’s zoo is fun for the whole family. The Warsaw zoo is one of the oldest facilities of this type in Poland. It was founded in 1928.

      Animal feeding shows are the biggest attraction for children. They are held daily at designated times: penguins – 9:30 am and 2:00 pm, seals – 10:00 am and 2:30 pm, gibbons – 1:00 pm and rhinoceros – 2:00 pm. Arapaimas are fed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:30 am. Hippo feeding shows take place at 12:00 and are organized only in the summer season.

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  • Hangar 646
    • A great proposition for families is Hangar 646 – the first trampoline park in Warsaw. It has two offices: in Gocław and in Mokotów. On a total area of ​​over 5,000 square meters, you will find dozens of trampolines, sports batons and sponge pools. The biggest attraction, however, is the 12-meter inrun for snowboarders.

      Hangar 646 is a place designed for whole families. You can not only jump on trampolines, but also play, among others dodgeball or basketball.

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  • Invisible Exhibition
    • Visiting the Invisible Exhibition can be an interesting experience for slightly older children. The exhibition consists of two parts – visible and invisible. On the first of them you can see everyday objects used by the blind and visually impaired. It is also an opportunity to learn about Braille.

      A key part of the exhibition is a walk in the dark. An hour-long stay in a completely darkened place sharpens other senses and allows you to understand the problems that blind people struggle with every day.

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  • Manufacture of sweets
    • Which child doesn’t like sweets? At Manufakture of Sweets, we can not only buy delicious candies and lollipops, but also see how they are made. Caramels are made in accordance with the 17th century tradition. We can choose from nearly 80 flavors and 150 patterns, including smiling faces, fruit and even cartoon characters.

      Individuals can take part in demonstrations of manual candy making and lollipop workshops on weekends. On weekdays, they are organized only for organized groups.

      More information: www.manufaktura-cukierkow

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